Words By and About Barbara Marshall

A Sampling of Tributes From Others

On the Sabbatical award created in her honor:

“The Barbara Marshall Award recognizes the spirit of creativity that Hallmark was founded on. It was designed to nurture creativity and allow time for innovation and creative exploration. In doing so, the award and its recipients inspire our entire creative community.”

Donald J. Hall, Jr., Hallmark executive chairman of the board

On her work at Hallmark:

“Barbara always brought a vision that was generous and open-minded; a sincere appreciation for the many varieties of the creative process; and — of course — a profound understanding of Hallmark’s history, culture, and values. The result was a common-sense, constructive, and forward-looking point of view.”

Donald J. Hall, Hallmark Chairman Emeritus

“A commitment to creativity has been a part of the Hallmark story from the beginning. But it was the way that Barbara encouraged creative experimentation and pushed artists to test their imaginations that helped instill Hallmark’s culture of creativity and innovation that remains alive and well today.”

Mike Perry, president and CEO, Hallmark

“Hallmark’s spirit of creativity is a fundamental part of who we are as a company, and Barbara’s passion for the arts, and most especially for the artists, played an important role in seeding that spirit. Whether in our creative content, products, or experiences, you see Barbara’s creative influence in everything we do today.”

Darren Abbott, senior vice president of global creative, Hallmark

“Barbara Marshall has left a remarkable legacy for all of us who ever have been involved in approving product. She reminded us to always ask ourselves the question: ‘Will it find an audience?'”

Paul Barker, retired vice president-digital innovation and business development and former Hallmark senior vice president – creative

On her service to the Kansas City Art Institute:

“Imagine what the world has yet to see” – that’s both a vision statement for Kansas City Art Institute and credo for Life Trustee, Barbara Hall Marshall.

For more than 40 years, Barbara served on the Board as an ardent advocate for arts education who cared deeply about our students. She led the college through some of its most challenging years and invited Kansas City’s most influential leaders to serve as Trustees. And they always said, Yes!

As one of Kansas City’s legendary philanthropists, Barbara made an enormous difference in the lives of so many in our community. With her generosity, KCAI’s financial future was stabilized after a 2008 challenge grant to double the endowment. In 2015, her lead gift paved the way for our recent capital campaign and made possible what is now her namesake building, the Barbara Marshall Residence Hall. A home away from home for young artists and designers.

It is a difficult task to properly acknowledge someone who has had such an indelible impact to the college. We will forever be grateful to Barbara for her dedication to the students, the mission and the success of KCAI. Simply put, without her we would not be the college we are today.”

Tony Jones CBE, The Nerman Family President, KCAI

“When our longtime friend and trustee Barbara Hall Marshall came to us with a magnificent challenge grant to be used as an incentive for a match, we were thrilled and stunned. To have completed the match so quickly says volumes about the community’s respect and admiration for Mrs. Marshall, who served on our board for four decades and whose support for the college never wavered.”

Gray Gradinger, former chairman of the KCAI board of trustees

On her work with The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures:

Mrs. Barbara Marshall, a co-founder of The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures in Kansas City, will always be remembered for her love of art. Mrs. Marshall was a nationally recognized collector of fine-scale miniatures and a leading patron of the fine-scale miniature art movement. Her unique method of commissioning work allowed many artists to extend the boundaries of the art form. The museum’s fine-scale miniature galleries highlight the legacy of Mrs. Marshall’s love of miniatures and the people who created them. We are honored to continue Mrs. Marshall’s passion for sharing fine scale miniatures with the public through this unique collection, programs, and exhibits.

Petra Kralickova, Executive Director, National Museum of Toys and Miniatures

In Barbara’s Own Words

On the creative community at Hallmark:

“I’ve been enamored with Hallmark’s artists and designers since I was a little girl. For me, the ability to create something has always held an element of magic.”

“I take pride in the fact that many lives – not just mine – have been enriched by the talented people at Hallmark who create works of art for all to enjoy.”

“I love art. But I love even more the people who make art.”

“It (The OK Committee) taught me to give criticism. That can be very hard when the artist who created the work is in the room with you, but you still have the responsibility to say what you think.”

On collecting miniatures:

“As a child I always saved little pictures of things. I love little pictures – maybe that’s a part of the allure of greeting cards.”

“I was in New York with my husband in the early 1950s, and I saw a display of this little furniture in a store window. I was so charmed by these pieces that I bought a little chair – one little chair. After that, each time we would visit the city, I would treat myself to another piece.”