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Many of us have fond memories of Barbara Marshall. If you would like to share yours, we invite you to do so here. We will make sure her family receives it, and will not use your contact information for any other purpose.

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Recent Memories

With Deep Gratitude from the Bonsai World

Felix Laughlin from Asheville, NC
With Deep Gratitude

The bonsai world is indebted to Barbara for her visionary support of the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum at the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington, DC.

Barbara was a great friend of the late John Naka, who many consider the father of the art of bonsai in America and whose legacy is preserved in the John Y. Naka North American Pavilion at the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum.
Barbara’s longstanding championship of the Museum was steadfast and unwavering, assuring that the National Bonsai Foundation (the 501(c)(3) organization supporting the Museum) would always do its utmost to carry out Barbara's vision of a bonsai museum second to none throughout the world.

Barbara’s wishes have been realized, as the Museum has become a global center for the art of bonsai. For more information on the Museum and NBF, please visit

Felix Laughlin, Former NBF President

The photograph shows Barbara with her bonsai friends (left to right: Marybel Balendonck, John Naka, Kay Komai, Barbara, Cheryl Manning, and Alice Naka).

Thank you Barbara for the Marbleous Marble room you and Mary Harris built for our world renowned marble collection!

Cathy Runyan Svacina from Kansas City, MO 64152
After the renovations were completed for the new marbles room at the museum, I remember Barbara laughing about no one could say she had lost all of her marbles now! She especially like our miniature marbles section in the museum! Also, when I would come directly from work at the Harley Motorcycle Plant, she liked to see my Harley outfits and once asked to try on my Harley Cap! That made me smile big! She was elegant and gracious, and so very kind and thoughtful! She also had a great sense of humor!
The world was a better place when we had both Barbara Marshall and Mary Harris Francis with us in our Kansas City Community. They gave so much to help so many.
Thank you Barbara, and I loved getting her Christmas cards...they were the best!

Appreciative beyond words

Marn Jensen from Kansas City, MO
Our hearts go out to the entire Hall family. As Hallmarkers and Barbara Marshall Award winners, Andy Newcom and I will always hold a special place in our hearts for her. Barbara's support for artists and exploring their creativity, was such a gift to the creative community -- and all of Hallmark. For our project, "Wishes for the World," we collected wishes from elders across the country. Now, it is our wish that the spirit and heart of Barbara Marshall will continue to inspire -- it definitely will in both of us.

Our thanks

Linda LaRoche and James Hastrich from Kennebunk, ME
James Hastrich and I would like to express our gratitude to Barbara for the support and encouragement she gave to each of us as miniature furniture builders at the beginnings of our careers. She always stopped by our sales tables at miniature shows, selecting the very best of our work, inspiring and encouraging us to make ever more challenging pieces. Her impeccable taste and gracious manner will always be a gift to us, and to so many more. Thank you, Barbara.

Care Package

Molly Wigand from Olathe
For my Barbara Marshall Creative Sabbatical, I went back to college dorm life at age 55 to explore and blog about generational empathy. Several weeks into my adventure, I checked my mail at the dorm post office and discovered that my benefactor (Barbara Marshall) had sent me a very nice box of cookies, along with a warm and encouraging handwritten note. I'd experienced her kindness several other times through the years, and the cookies were a quintessential example of her generosity and bright spirit.

Thank you Barbara

Lynn Giunta from KC
When I started out at Hallmark as a very young and inexperienced artist in the early 80's, I very much remember Barbara sitting in artwork approval committee. She was always very kind, very considerate, and her opinion mattered--I learned from watching how she considered the art and the editorial. Her presence will always be felt in the hallways of Hallmark.

Nationally recognized collector

Petra Kralickova from Kansas City
Mrs. Barbara Marshall, a co-founder of The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures in Kansas City, will always be remembered for her love of art. Mrs. Marshall was a nationally recognized collector of fine-scale miniatures and a leading patron of the fine-scale miniature art movement. Her unique method of commissioning work allowed many artists to extend the boundaries of the art form. The museum’s fine-scale miniature galleries highlight the legacy of Mrs. Marshall’s love of miniatures and the people who created them. We are honored to continue Mrs. Marshall’s passion for sharing fine scale miniatures with the public through this unique collection, programs, and exhibits.


Kristie Sloan from HQ
I joined Hallmark in 1990. One day when sitting in Committee, a meeting to review of art and lettering, in walked Barbara Marshall. She sat quietly and observed, occasionally offering her insight. It wasn't until later I was told she was Hallmark royalty. She was so kind, soft spoken and down to earth. I will never forgot how she delighted in seeing the art and lettering, praising those that created it.

Forever Grateful

Emily Akins from Kansas City
I remember very clearly being a new editor many, many years ago and being delighted and inspired by the work of Barbara Marshall Award winners. Each person's story and the work they created was so moving and unique. I was lucky to win the award myself in 2018 and it truly changed my life. With that opportunity I learned so much about myself, about others, about creativity, and about story. And I loved getting to share that with friends, followers, and colleagues. The number of people whose lives have been enriched by the legacy of Barbara Marshall is innumerable. I am so grateful to have been one of them.

Thank you Barbara

Nell Corkin from Okemos
Barbara has meant so much to so many of us who make fine miniatures that it is hard to put into words. She supported us not only by purchasing our work, but by her sincere appreciation and understanding of what we do. She was my first customer at my first miniature show, calming my fears that no one would "get" my small scale houses. Her beautiful museum, full of pieces by the countless artists whom she encouraged to do their very best work, will be a lasting legacy.

Kansas City Legacy

Erin Brower from Kansas City
I unfortunately never had the chance to meet Barbara Marshall, but I am grateful for her contributions to Kansas City, especially The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures. She helped create a truly special place for children and families. We are lucky to have this unique treasure in our backyard. Thank you, Barbara.

Forever Grateful

Eric Brace from Kansas City
As a Hallmark Artist and a KCAI graduate, I am very aware of Barbara Marshall's love of the Arts and of her incredible generosity. Although I never had the chance to meet MS. Marshall, in 2010, in Hallmark's 100th year, I received the "Barbara Marshall Award." The six month sabbatical gave me the opportunity to pivot from my day to day life and pursue a dream of traveling the country, photographing everyday people and telling their stories. During this time my wife and I fell in love and truly began our lives together. The photography show was only up for a month in Hallmark's ninth floor gallery, but, my life had been changed forever. I owe so much to Barbara Marshall and Hallmark. For the past ten years I sent MS. Marshall a holiday card, thanking her for those six months, my wife, my boy and my world. I am forever grateful.

Mentor to miniaturists

Sylvia Harbaugh Rountree from Berlin, MD 21811
I first met Barbara nearly 50 years ago at a NAME house party. She was a friendly lady
whose modest manner gave no indication that she was from the important behind
Hallmark. She encouraged so many new miniaturists over the years who went on to
have long careers in the hobby. I'll always remember her as kind lady and I'll always be
grateful to have known her as a friend all these years. Sylvia Rountree, The Dolls' Cobbler

Thank You, Barbara Marshall

Bill Gray from Kansas City
I had the pleasure of spending time with Barbara Marshall during and after my work on my Barbara Marshall sabbatical project. I found her to be gracious, kind and, above all, supportive. It was clear that she wanted the best for Hallmark, and encouraged the best from Hallmarkers. I feel fortunate to have met her.

Legacy of creative vision and generosity

Mirna Stubbs from HQ
As one of many artists who benefited from the wonderful Barbara Marshall creative award, I learned about Barbara's long standing involvement in the arts community. Anyone who knew her spoke about her generosity and love for the arts. Creating a legacy of creative vision and generosity is rare enough, but paving the path for so many others to envision and fulfill their own legacies, is a life truly well-lived. Thank you Barbara Marshall.

Thank you Barbara

Craig Lueck from HQ
In 2003 I participated in The Barbara Marshall program. I was one of Hallmark's Sr staff artists who was desperate for creative growth. This terrifying, solitary program could not have been a better match for my flailing personality. She was an incredible advocate for me in discovering "my voice". No where on earth has there been a person like her- thoughtful, generous, creatively composed and yet principled in her business outlook, always to the benefit of us fringe creatives. To me it is astonishing that Barbara was so relentlessly supportive. My creative/business values have been defined by her support, and will remain guideposts for me for ever. Thank you Barbara (and family).